Before starting to work professionally all I wanted was to be done with my own personal projects and start working for someone else. Now that I am busy as a working photographer all I want to do is have time for those personal projects again.

I finally decided to make time for these projects and start transforming a few of my photo essays into multimedia pieces with the inclusion of audio.

My bread and butter has and will hopefully always be photography but having both audio and video editing skills is something that every photographer needs in the modern world of journalism.

I recently got into contact with Shamus Kelley, an old colleague from the college newspaper, that is now out doing big things in L.A. Shamus was someone who I always looked up to for his unmatched work ethic and ability to turn out incredible product time and time again.

When all of the White Student Union drama was going on at Towson, Shamus and I spent many days together out in the field covering the ensuing events. Shamus' videos, my photographs and the reporters' words were able to inform the Towson community and often the nation what was going on inside this racial charged debate.

I felt that when I took all of my photographs together they lacked something. The answer was obvious, they needed audio. With permission from Shamus (thanks again!) I was able to cut out pieces of audio he had taken while making videos and slice them into a short multimedia presentation with my images.

Overall I am pretty happy with the result of the two works and I really wish that this was something we had done back in our days working together, I know the results could have been huge.

Everyone should go check out Shamus' work! His YouTube channel is in a link below.